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I help business owners build marketing machines that attract and convert their ideal clients without sacrificing authenticity. 

With all the hype around marketing these days, it’s hard to know what will work for your business and what won’t. And, let’s be honest, you can’t dump money into ALL the things. Are Facebook ads still hot right now? Is everyone moving over to Instagram? Feeling overwhelmed, yet? I get it, babe. My head is spinning too, and I’ve been doing this for a decade. 

The honest truth is that good marketing has been, and will always be, about the journey. What journey are you currently taking your clients on? What message are you using to attract them?  

Google, Facebook, Instagram…these platforms will always change, but a good marketing strategy will always have three essential qualities: the ability to attract, the ability to connect, and the systems in place to convert

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What  We do


Build a powerhouse digital profile for your business that attracts your ideal clients in places they are already hanging out. 


Create amazing content that speaks directly to your target market to grow a loyal following of raving fans that want to work with you.


Convert those fans into paying customers with an automated marketing machine designed to take people from leads to paying clients.

Digital Marketing Strategist

Claire Brown

When I first began my digital marketing career, years ago, I struggled to find my ideal client, and simply worked with anyone who would pay me. The result? I ended up building a business I hated. By taking on clients that didn’t really align with my vision for my business, I ended up providing any service that the client requested….even if it wasn’t a great idea for them! Why? Because back then, I didn’t have a reliable way to get consistent clients into my business. I needed a marketing machine!

Through my collaborations with amazing business owners these past few years, I’ve learned that this struggle is NOT unique to me. I see so many talented people struggling because they don’t have the systems in place to truly grow their business.

So, today, I am passionate about helping business owners create systems and strategies that sustainably grow their business in a way that allows them to focus on what they love to do. (Think work ON your business, not IN your business)

Good marketing ISN’T about finding the perfect number of followers, or the perfect website design, it’s about identifying a strong message, using data-driven analytics to find the right people, and positioning your business to be the authority in your field. 

Claire has been such an asset to our company. Our Clients and other companies we have referred to her have nothing but positive results to report to us. She has also assisted me personally on Event Planning, 501(C)(3) work and Marketing for various clients and I feel confident in a long relationship with her.

Teresa Robinson

Hits the mark every time. I would highly recommend Claire to set your sales strategy on the right track. I asked for digital marketing guru and got much more. 5 stars for sure.

Matthew Bouchard

I worked with Claire on a promotion for my photography business. She came up with the idea and helped me execute it every step of the way. I will absolutely use her in the future to guide me through a project or to help boost my business overall. She exceeded my expectations!

Whitney Boyd

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Collaboration > Competition

What I’ve learned from working with some amazing business owners and helping them build marketing machines that showcase their skills & expertise is that:

✓ There will always be competition, but what you provide in your industry is completely unique to you.

✓ Your competitors are NOT your worst enemy, and in some cases, can be your greatest referral source.

✓ People buy from you because of YOU, not what you sell.

✓ Everyone has a story that’s worth hearing.

I can’t wait to hear your story, and learn how we can turn your skills and passion into an incredible marketing machine that connects and converts your ideal customers in a way completely authentic to you.